A lot has happened over the twenty seven plus years of our company’s existence (*est. in 1993). We have managed to grow not only as a company but also as a family adding a new generation of children. They are the inspiration for all of our health-minded decision making. We are primarily focused on the quality of our raw ingredients, some of which we cultivate ourselves.


The fact that we belong among the pioneers of gluten-free food manufacturing in our country makes us  keen on adding variety to our customers’ lives. Keeping up with the world trends and new eating habits, we find our products being used not only by those with dietary restrictions but also by people wishing not to burden their bodies unnecessarily. While we are not likely to reveal the secret recipes for our bread, pastry and gluten-free food mixes, rest assured that they would not find their way onto your table without proper know-how aided by modern technology.




Most importantly though, we have found out that the entire time we have been broadening our product range, you have been growing with us, becoming interested in new options in gastronomy. We have been spending more and more time with you even here on the internet. We have been listening to you. We  are looking forward to introducing our new website, packages and recipes. We are going to monitor your experience and feedback very closely.


And you, our long-time supporters, partners and consumers, we would like to invite you to take a sneak peek at what manufacturing quality food with gusto looks like.


Nature, care, humility and diligence. Without these, all those years would have been meaningless. And we thank you, our customers, for your interest which gives us the energy and the desire not to cut any corners.


On behalf of our company and family,

Milan Novák, proprietor of Nominal 


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