The contents of the sack are easily turned into a hot dessert with a pleasantly sourish ripe lemon flavour in a couple of minutes.





Nutritional values in 100 g of mix:



Sugar, gluten-free wheat starch, corn starch, lupine flour, dried egg whites, flaxseed flour, leavening agents (E450, E500), thickener: guar flour, emulsifier: sunflower lecithin, salt, aromas

Energy: 1517 kJ/358 kcal; fat: 0.8 g; USFA: 0.2 g, carbohydrates: 80 g; sugar: 44; fibre: 3 g; protein: 6.1 g; salt: 0.2 g

Mix the contents of the sack in a mug (about 300 ml) with 30 ml of milk and 25 ml of oil.Cook for 70 sec. in a microwave oven at 700 W or for 75 sec. at 600 W. Let cool for 2 min.





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