Surely this happened to you - you walk past a bakery and you smell the irresistible fresh bread aroma. With Nominal mixes, you can treat yourselves like this any time in the comfort of your homes. It is easy and quick - no need to be a master baker.

All you need is a bit of water, a pinch of yeast and a traditional home oven. You will be rewarded by warm bread with a fantastic aroma which you will not only enjoy, but it will also benefit your health. The bread is rich in fibre and suitable for a gluten-free diet. You can choose from four unique mixtures with the possibility of adding other seeds you might enjoy (for instance sesame or pumpkin).


Our dough mixtures also fulfil the Nominal product standards in all respects - They are manufactured from quality ingredients (without gluten, artificial colourings or flavourings). They can be prepared even by a child, and no matter if you conjure up fruit dumplings just like grandma used to make, potato pancakes with marjoram or fantastic dumplings with cheese or spinach, the whole family will be licking their fingers. 


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